Custom Home Builders
custom kitchen In previous decades, new home construction was too costly and buyers couldn’t bring their dreams to reality. Now, with a shortage of homes on the market, buyers are competing for aging homes that don’t fit their lifestyle. The time is right to consider building a new home and discover what Northern Homes can do for you. New home construction is no longer out of reach for first time buyers who know exactly what they want and need in their dream home. Don’t settle for an aging home in a hyper competitive market.

New Home Construction
While many buyers are competing to purchase aging homes, many forget about the costs to upgrade those homes to the current energy-saving, ecologically friendly standards. When you decide on a new build, you’re getting the latest and greatest in home building technology, from the foundation, framing, and insulation. You can begin living in your dream home and avoid the pain of rising energy costs and energy upgrades. Be sure to ask Northern Homes how you can build your dream home with the best of energy-saving techniques.

Your Dream Home
The greatest challenge for buyers of custom built homes is the cost. With all the freedom that comes with new construction, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the choices and all the moving parts. Let Northern Homes handle all the phases of construction and keep your costs transparent and on budget. With over 30 years of experience, Northern Homes gives you the best quality of building knowledge out there. Don’t settle for a house that isn’t your dream home. We are skilled craftsmen who take pride in our work and can tackle any challenge.

Home Plans
We can custom design plans for you but you can also view two of our affordable pre-plans available by clicking here.